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We all have that childhood memory of laying our eyes on a special car for the first time. Maybe it was a toy model or your uncle's vintage European roadster. Possibly you caught a glimpse of this car at a race or car show you attended. You know the car we're talking about, the one that captivated and intrigued you, made you want to learn all about it. Here at EMG, we've turned the excitement from that memory into a lifetime passion. Our wide variety of automotive interests result in a collection that is like no other. We are a boutique purveyor of classic, exotic, race, and luxury vehicles. From historically significant race and competition cars, to 1930's American hot rods, EMG is a one stop shop for any car enthusiast. Since 1992 we've built a great reputation by providing quality vehicles to fellow automobile lovers all over the world. It's important to us that a car deal turns into an exciting, no hassle experience for our customers.

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Private Collection

At EMG cars we also collect historically significant cars for our private collection. We have an undying love for cars that possess provenance and beauty. While these vehicles may not be for sale, it shows what types of automobiles we may be able to acquire for your collection. Please contact us to discuss our private collection of fine automobiles.


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